Sixteen years ago, I was an avowed atheist and drug addict who lived to get high. I took 27 hits of acid over the course of about 3 weeks and tried to drown myself in the ocean. In the process, I met Jesus who completely turned my life around, and I have been sober for 16 years since with no relapse (click here to watch my story on YouTube). I have an amazing wife and the four most beautiful children in the world, and I live every day to serve and help those in need. 

Seven years ago, I held a tent revival in the historically-black Eastside neighborhood of downtown Charleston. My simple goal was to preach the gospel and to see people come to Christ. I even had a baptismal set up (which the city fire department kindly filled for us)! What I didn’t know is that the Lord had much more in store for me. I ended up baptizing eight elemetary-aged girls and started a Bible study in their project neighborhood, which we called Kingdom Club. I thought that I was there to change them, but they ended up changing me! My eyes were opened to the systematic racism and  oppression which has existed right underneath my nose for my entire life.

Now, I share my story to help others in the church recognize our need 1) to repent of our historic and present sins of racism and 2) to partner with the black community for true change. I have created a 7-part YouTube series on systematic racism and the American church to educate the church community on our role in perpetuating these systems both past and present. I believe that Jesus is calling us to a place of true repetance from the heart so that we can be healed as a nation. Please join the movement!